16 May 2020

A Rottweiler Dog Bit 9 Year Old Boy In Chennai

Report having coming in from Chennai where a Rottweiler dog attacked a 9 year old child and chew its head.

As per sources the 9 year old boy was on his way a to a store nearby his house in Avadi in Chennai when the dog attacked the poor child and chew half of his scalp and injuring his neck also.

The dog made a way out of his own house when the gate of the owner was left open and the dog directly went to the street and bit the child.

The child S. Vishnu is in the hospital and his condition is reported to be stable

The administration took note of the situation and immediately took the dog owner and the dog into their custody and now they are asserting as to what happened? 

The dog to behave like this and have asked the owner of the dog to bear all the medical charges of the boy until the boy is physically and psychologically treated well.

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