23 May 2020

Alarming Rise In The Cases Of Covid-19 In India

Daily the numbers of patients who are infected with covid-19 in the country have been increasing continuously.

With now Nation standing at 1,27,319 across the country the risk factor a patients increasing with this covid-19 infection has become much more than previous.

Since the nation has been opening lock down in various States and movement of people have increased from one state to another.  

Now more and more people have become prone to be infected by this disease.  However the health department have ask people to be very careful and observe full norms.  Yet the cases of covid-19 infection has not been stopping.

With Maharashtra topping the list with 44, 562 people who are infected with this virus.  Tamilnadu,Gujarat, Delhi, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh are some of the states in the country where the infection rate to this pandemic is considerably higher.

The death mortality rate in the country is 3759 which is much lower than other countries of the globe.  The rate is 3.09% which is a stable numbers in the Death mortality rate in the country.

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