6 May 2020

Arogya Setu App Is safe And All Mobile Data Is Secured In The App

In a Press statement arogya Setu, the team aarogya Setu has declared that the app is safe and all the information provided in it is confidential and the security of no  user is at threat.

Yesterday a hacker has contacted team aarogya Setu and convert how this app can hinder to the privacy of the users,

The hacker yesterday did showed little details of the arogya Setu app to its team which will hinder the privacy of The uses of arogya Setu.

So today press release was to ascertain all the uses of arogya Setu that this app is very safe and all the information provided in this app is end to end encrypted.

The theme of arogya Setu has also ask other hackers as well to check the app and inform the team if they find any data leak in this app.

All the suggestions of people are being welcome and anyone can contact the team of arogya Setu for any upgradation.

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