1 May 2020

Chinese Government Opens Parks To Bring Back Normalcy

Chinese capital is coming back to normal.  As now Chinese government has issued directives to open City parks which has been closed since January after covid-19 created havoc in the country.

The Chinese government has taken decision to open Chinese parks which have been closed.  And now the people are slowly returning to the parks.  

The life of peoples in China has been coming back to tracks and returning to normal.

In a report issued Beijing on Thursday downgraded its emergency response to the virus from first degree  to second.

Even if the emergency situation has been lifted up still the temperature check on the people coming to the parks and in open is maintained.  

Social distancing rules are also followed.  But this is a big decision taken by the Chinese government.  Bringing back the life of people to a normal scale and opening the cities with social distancing and temperature check maintained.

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