6 May 2020

Covid-19 Cases Rising In India Drastically

Till now India has recorded 49,665 cases in India.  This is an alarming rate in the spread of covid-19 cases.  Despite India being in a continuous lockdown the numbers are rapidly increasing in the positive cases of covid-19.

With 1700 fatalities from this dreaded disease the mortality rate in India is 3.38 %.  The spread of this virus could be far higher than it is expected if the lock down not have been done.

Now the country is divided into three zones, red zone which are having highest number of covid-19 positive cases.  And this zone is totally closed and there is no movement in the vehicular traffic.  Then comes the yellow zone which is partially open in the country and Green zone which is totally open except for train and their services and bus services.

Right now India has been fighting this disease and hope to get good results before May 20 which is the last date off total lockdown.

Some shops including liquor have been opened.  This has been done to increase the revenue of the state and the country to fight against this covid-19 pandemic.

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