16 May 2020

Disgraced Faced Ajaz Khan Cheap Publicity Stunt On National Television

Nowadays to shout on public platform has become a fashion for the people to inqur cheap publicity.

This is been done by Ex Big Boss contestant Ajaz Khan who yesterday night on a show on News Nation with Deepak Chaurasia shouted for wrong reasons without replying for the questions he has been put to.

When Ajaz Khan was asked questions regarding Maulana Saad and Maulana help to foreign  jamatis.  Since Maulana Saad was the core person because of whome covid-19 spread to many parts of the country.  

Ajaz Khan got infuriated and shouted even when anchor Deepak Chaurasia asked him to remain calm and answer the questions politely.  Ajaz Khan didn't listen and used unethical statements and language on national television and insulted anchor Deepak Chaurasia as well as the other guest Tareef Fatah.

Adding to the story above Ajaz Khan who has been involved in many criminal conspiracies and many criminal cases in various Police stations in Mumbai and other parts of the country FIR has been lodged against him.

The fury which he has shown on national television was none other than of a criminal.  Since he was given a fair chance to rectify his image but his actions show the other side of his character.  When the anchor was again and again asking him to please remain calm and he got furious.

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