7 May 2020

Heart Wrenching Videos Footage Of Sion Hospital Where Dead Bodies Kept In Ward

A heart wrenching news has been coming in from Maharashtra where people working treated between dead bodies.

Very disturbing images having coming in from Sion hospital in Maharashtra where covid-19 positive patients who passed away their dead bodies were not properly discarded.

The dead bodies were kept in the same what where treatment was going on on other covid-19 positive cases and people were being treated whereas the Dead bodies of patients who passed away with this disease were not removed from the same ward.

A video came out of the dead bodies being wrapped in body bag and were not discarded from the wards where other patients are treated.

When the hospital authorities were asked about why the dead bodies of covid-19 patients are put in the same ward where other covid-19 patients were being treated?  

The hospital authorities said that there is no specific directions been given by the Municipal Corporation and the police as to what has to be done with these bodies as the relatives of these patients who had passed away in the hospital have refused to take the bodies.

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