17 May 2020

Maharashtra Government Increases Lockdown Period Till May 31,2020

Reports which have been just driving suggest that Government of Maharashtra have increased the lock down period till May 31st, 2020.

This has been done with the view for large number of of 19 patients in the state.  As per reports covid-19 pandemic has been increasing day by day in Maharashtra with the total number of patients touching 31000 in the state itself.

Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur which are the major cities in Maharashtra has now turned into to hotspot areas of this disease.  

Mumbai alone has more than 18000 patients of covid-19 and now the numbers have been continuously increasing as there is a widespread outburst of covid-19 from Dharavi.

However all the efforts of the administration of Maharashtra to control covid-19 pndemic has been initiated so now the administration has also taken a decision to increase the lock down period till May 31st, 2020.

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