4 May 2020

More Than 100 US Firms May Now Become Make In India From China

Prime minister Narendra Modi has advised the state to turn the coronavirus crisis into an opportunity as 100 US companies keen on exiting China after the covid-19 pandemic are seriously considering uttar Pradesh as a new destination.                                              
Uttar Pradesh MSMEs minister Siddharth Nath Singh on Tuesday interactive through webinar organised by us India strategic partnership forum.companies that showed interest in the field of agriculture, electronics, medicine, scientific instrumentation ,logistic, defence, aviation ,food processing etc.                                                  

Several companies showed interest in living China and are looking for countries to invest in this include India also. 

Uttar Pradesh Government will also provide with infrastructure in terms of road, water supply, irrigation capacity and 24×7 hour power supply. 

Government informed US companies that the state government had developed 21 sectoral policies mainly in the areas of defence, pharmaceutical, food processing, electronics and education sector.                             
Companies had queried about incentives that you UP would offer if the shift the base from China. UP government had told various incentives like capital subsidy, land subsidy etc.

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