9 May 2020

US Based Company Vista Equity Buys 2.3% Stake In Jio

Mukesh Ambani Managing Director Reliance Industries have been successful in cracking a big deal from Texas based company Vista.

According to reports coming in this is the third transaction in less than a month by Reliance Industries in which texas-based US private company has taken a stake in Jio Industries.

The Taxas based company will pay Rs.11067 Crore approximately 1.5 billion dollar Reliance Industries for its partnership in Jio.

This is the third company after Facebook which has a stake in Jio industries.  

Facebook have 9.9% share in Jio Industries and now US based company Vista will have 2.3 % stake in Jio.

Reliance Industries have 86.5 4% share in Jio Industries.

After covid-19 pandemic which has struck the world US companies have become more keen in investing in the Indian companies.

Reliance Industries have till now gathered  Rs 60.596 crores to raise the depths of Jio Industries which is the patent company of Reliance Industries.

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