19 May 2020

USA Warning Of Stopping It's Funds To WHO Permanently

According to reports coming in US President Donald Trump has written a letter to WHO Director General Tedros improve the image of w h o as according to sources WHO has played a conspirational role at the time of covid-19 break.
Now US President has warned WHO Director General that if WHO is doesn't take substantive improvement within next thirty days then the funding which has been temporarily freezed by USA will be freezed forever.

As per reports WHO has been funded by USA and due to its negligible role at the time of Covid 19 pandemic and saving China for its role in the covid-19 outbreak the funds which was released by USA has been freezed.

Now US president has given WHO Director General 30 days time to clear its role in covid-19 outbreak and if it is not able to clear its role in this outbreak then the funding which is provided by USA will be stopped forever.

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