30 Jun 2020

Corona Injection Will Be Available From July

 In the Corona era, reports of getting a new medicine everyday have become common.  Now ears are eager to hear such a strong news that not only cures the coronary treatment of corona, but can also fill the power of the treatment.  Similar news has been received from India now.  In the Corona era, it is no less than good news that the vaccine of corona has been made in India.  Which is named covaxine.  Bharat Biotech has made this drug. Permission is also given for human trial. 
 The Drug Controller General of India has given this permission on Monday.  The trial will start from the first week of July.  Bharat Biotech will trial in two different phases.  Let us tell you that Covaxine will be the first indigenous medicine to be tested on patients.  Bharat Biotech has earlier also made vaccines for polio, rabies, Japanese encephalitis, chicken pox and Zika virus.  The result of which is well known.  On the basis of which it is being hoped that now the company-made cocaine will also be successful in eliminating Corona.

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