22 Jun 2020

Drug Of Corona To Come By October

 Today, the whole world is struggling with the corona virus that originated from Wuhan city of China.  Till now millions of people have come under the grip of this dangerous virus.  Seeing this epidemic growing, there is only one question in everyone's mind, and that question is, how long will it take for drug vaccine be made?  According to media reports, research is currently underway on more than 100 types of vaccines for Corona worldwide.  Many vaccines have also reached their final stages.  One of them is the AZD1222 vaccine being made by Oxford University.

Researchers know that there is a lot of hope from this vaccine as this vaccine will help in identifying the spike proteins of the body.  At the same time, Corona virus binds this spike protein to spread the infection.  

Many countries of Europe are working together to prepare this vaccine by Britain.  According to a media report, it is being said that this is the only vaccine that is expected to be successful by the month of October.

 Currently, clinical trials are underway on 800 people for this vaccine, Serum Institute of India based in Pune, India has also partnered with Oxford University to make the vaccine as soon as the trial starts.  So that soon after this vaccine trial is successful its production starts.

 According to the World Health Organization, 11 vaccines are in the process of clinical testing, out of which the vaccine of Oxford has reached the final phase of the trial.  If the trial of the last phase is also successful, then we can get rid of this epidemic soon.

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