2 Jun 2020

PM Modi Addressed CII And Reiterated India's Power To Regain Economy

According to Prime Minister Narendra Modi address to CII.  He said that India's economy will be soon back on track and it will emerge as the most developed nation of the world.

According to the PM Modi route to to development of a country goes on five paths.  And they are the five I's of the country.

These five I's are:- 

Intent, Inclusion, Investment, Infrastructure and Innovation.

Prime Minister Modi reiterated that India is now on a path of regaining economy after covid-19 sense India has started beginning of economy by phase "unlock-1".

The Finance ministry has given a boost to the economy by its rupees 20,000 crore package which includes farmers, MSME'S, labourers, commoners and business entities.

The Prime Minister reiterated his confidence on the immense power of India ine regaining their power of success to economy.

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