30 Jun 2020

Unlock-2 Guidelines Released, Government's Big Decision

 The cases of corona pandemic are increasing continuously throughout the country.  Also, the Unlock-1 period is ending on 30th June in the country.  With this, the Modi government has announced Unlock-2.  Along with this, guidelines have also been issued, under which some discounts have been given.  But some restrictions have also been imposed.  In the rules issued by the central government, the states have been empowered to make changes in the rules.  There will be no restriction on voids from one state to another and neither an e-permit will be required.

 Unlock-2 this discount
 The Modi government has exempted some things outside the Containment Zone.  A limited number of domestic flights and passenger trains have been exempted by the government.  International air travel has been allowed under the same Vande Bharat Mission.  The time of the night curfew has been changed, now the curfew will be held from 10 am to 5 am, more than 5 people can stand by following social distancing at the shops.  Permission has been given to start work in the training institutes of the central and state governments from July 15.  School-colleges and coaching institutes will remain closed till 31 July.

 These things were not allowed
 The lockdown will be followed till 31st July inside the Containment Zone under the Unlock-2 guidelines.  Metro rail, cinema halls, gyms, swimming pools, entertainment parks, theaters, bars, auditoriums, assembly halls will remain closed. The same social, political, sports, entertainment, academic, cultural, religious places will be considered now.

 These rules have to be strictly followed
 Under Unlock-2, two yards still have to be followed, social distancing will have to be maintained among the customers at the shops, follow the guidelines issued by the government-issued Corona, it is mandatory to use the Arogya Setu mobile application.  A person above 65 years of age will have to stay in the house, people who are surrounded by serious diseases, should stay in the house.  Pregnant women are also not allowed to exit.  Even children under 10 years of age cannot leave the house.

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