22 Jul 2020

Gaziabad Journalist Vikram Joshi Passes Away After He Succumbed To Bullet Injuries

Reports have been coming in from Ghaziabad where journalist Vikram Joshi who was attacked by the goons on Monday and was shot has passed away in the wee hours of Wednesday.

As per reports Vikram Joshi was dragged from his bike and was shot by goons on Monday in Ghaziabad.  

His daughter was also with him but managed to escape somehow.  He was attacked on the middle of the road and nobody had come out to help him.

It is reported that Vikram Joshi has lodged complaint against some people for Eve teasing his neice.

After this FIR was lodged by Vikram Joshi he was attacked by goons on Monday in broad daylight.

Six persons were taken into custody after one day when the journalist was shot.  Investigations are on there have been clear CCTV footage of the incidence.

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