3 Jul 2020

Impact Of Modi's Ladakh Visit On Chinese Soldiers

 Every time PM Modi does something that everyone is shocked, this time also PM Modi suddenly reached Leh.  That too at a time when there is an atmosphere of tension between China and India on the border of Leh.  At such a time, it is important for PM Modi to suddenly reach Leh to meet the soldiers and spend long time there.

 This visit of PM will have more impact on China than the country.  Where the former soldiers are already angry with the government of Xi Jinping.  In fact, the former soldiers had expressed their displeasure over the clashes in the Galwan valley, saying that the government is silent on the martyrdom of the soldiers.  And now the Government of India has moved forward by not one or ten steps. PM Modi visited Neemu, located at an altitude of eleven thousand feet from the banks of the Indus River.
 The tour took place in Neemu but its threat is heard in China.  It is reported that this move by PM Modi may lead to a revolt in the Chinese army.  Because where his government is silent on this whole issue.  At the same time Modi himself reached among the soldiers and met them, took information about the tension on the border and encouraged the wounded soldiers.  According to defense experts, this step of PM Modi will work like a psychological war which will increase the confidence of the Indian Army but will break the morale of the Chinese Army.  Because these possibilities are being expressed that new and old Chinese soldiers can join together to revolt against their government.  And this will be a big victory for India.

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