10 Jul 2020

Niece Wrote A Book On Trump Sensational Accusations

 Preparations have started for the presidential elections in America.  This election is going to be held in November this year.  But the current President of America, Donald Trump, who is facing the epidemic, is not taking the name of the difficulties being reduced.  Even before the elections, Donald Trump has started appearing in opposition to his opponents as well as his own.

 Actually, now Trump's niece Mary has made many sensational revelations in one of her books.  According to the news.  Trump's niece Mary has written in the book that my uncle Trump only weighs people with money, along with cheating and chatting is a very important part of his life.  The book will be released on 14 July, the name of the book being described as 'Two Much and Never Enough How My Family Creates the World's Most Dangerous Man'.  In this book, Mary has described Trump as a dangerous leader for the world.  With the release of this book, many more secrets of Trump can be revealed.

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