8 Jul 2020

US State Makes Changes For Non Immigrant Students In Visas

As per reports coming in from United States of America where US department of state have done changes in its immigration policy.

Students who are seeking education in United States of America have to consult their nearest US Embassies for the refer documents.

Now all the international students who wish to pursue their education in United States of America will have to obtain proper visa and after obtaining visa can may be subject to other visa formalities due to covid.

According to United States of America this flexible changes which the country had made will provideGreater flexibility for non immigrant students to continue their education in United States of America.  

They may also be allowed for proper social distancing and other norms to be followed as per covid.  This will with be affected across the country in USA.

The Department of Homeland Security has announced its plan yesterday for temporary modifications for F1 and M1 non-immigrant Visa requirement for 2020 semester.

This flexibility will help students for online course work and will meet students for their nonimmigrant status.

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