5 Aug 2020

93 Killed In Ammonium Nitrate Blast Last Night In Beirut, Lebanon

Reports having coming in from Beirut Lebanon where the city witnessed huge blast in the port warehouse which exploded yesterday.

As per reports coming in huge amount of Ammonium Nitrate was stored in the warehouse for the past 6 years.  The warehouse is very old and there was no maintenance done and a large number of Ammonium Nitrate was stored there.

It is estimated that about 2750 tonnes of Ammonium Nitrate was stored in the the Beirut Port which exploded yesterday destroying the city for more than half kilometre.

According to Prime Minister Hassan Diab a large part of the city was destructed by this explosion.

It is reported from Defence Council that storing Ammonium Nitrate in such a large number without any preventive measure was a big security gap by the government.

Around 73 people have been killed and destruction happened for around 500 metres of the city which was close to the warehouse.

Enquiry by the government has been ordered as to check why such a big amount of Ammonium Nitrate was stored for the past six years in this area.

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