6 Aug 2020

Florida Man Attempts To Buy Luxury Car By Fake Cheque

In this era of technology, every day every thing is becoming possible.  A similar case has came in news of Florida.  

Here a person through technology did something that surprised everyone.  In fact, 42-year-old Casey William Calley of Florida printed a fake cheque book through a computer at his home.  Calley then purchased a Porsche car with this cheque.

 Actually, Calley bought a Porsche 911 Turbo car from a Porsche dealership in Destin through fake cheques.  The price of the Porsche purchased by Calley is around 1 crore.  When the company went to cash this cheque then this fake cheque story was unearthed.  After this the police was informed.  

Not only did Calley took a ride of this car, but he also shared his picture on Facebook with this car.  When the police arrested Calley told that he had printed this cheque from home computer.

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