22 Aug 2020

Major Scam Unearthed In Muzaffarpur In Bihar

Reports have been coming in from Bihar where a major scam has been unearthed in Muzaffarpur.

As per reports coming in a major scam has come to light in Muzzafarpur where under National Health Mission scheme incentives.  

As per reports coming in here a 65 year old woman has been given incentive for giving birth to female child. 

As per reports when DM Chandrashekhar Singh was asked about this incidents he said, "We have formed a 4-member committee which will submit its report in 2 days. If the reported incidence is true then we will take administrative and legal action in the case."

Reports suggest that as per official records, a 65-year-old woman allegedly gave birth to 8 girls in 14 months.  After the birth of a girl and registration of mother all the time money was transferred again and again to her account.

The money which was transferred according to the government rules is under the scheme of Janani Suraksha Scheme.  And the amount was credited in bank account of some old women many times in a year. 

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