28 Aug 2020

Ministry Of Health And Family Welfare States India On Path Of Recovery

According to recent reports coming in bye by the Ministry of Health and Family welfare it has been stated that it now the recovery rate from covid-19 cases have increased.

As per reports coming in , in the past 5 months, more than 3/4 of cases have recovered and less than 1/4 are active now. 

Ministry of Health and Family welfare in a press release has stated that this change in the covid-19 cases have occurred only because of the effective implementation of Centre's strategic and graded Test-Track-Treat approach.

This test track treat approach of the Government of India is now responsible for a higher recoveries and lower fatality.

We have seen in the past that covid-19 have taken a toll of millions of people across the globe and have increased so rapidly and most of the Nations have been under its spread.

Most of the countries of the world and now on the path of recovery but the recovery rate of India is one of the highest with respect to other countries from covid-19.

Indian government policies and regulations responsible for effective control of covid-19 in the country.  Most of the active cases are on the path of recovery with very low death percentage in the country.

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