4 Aug 2020

Online Sale Of Fighter Plane

 Recently, the most powerful fighter aircraft from France, Rafael has been included in the Indian Army.  After the arrival of which people across the country are celebrating happiness.  But now news is coming that someone has put an advertisement on OLX to sell a fighter aircraft of India.  Actually, this advertisement is not about Rafale fighter aircraft, but of a fighter aircraft standing as Indian Air Force outside Aligarh Muslim University.

 Let us tell you that on Monday, a fighter aircraft standing outside the engineering department at AMU put an advertisement to sell on online selling site OLX.  Also, the price of the fighter aircraft was 9,99,99,999 ie, near 10 crores.  This advertisement soon went viral on social media.  This ad was removed from the site shortly after it went viral.  On this matter, the University's Discipline Incharge Mohammed Wasim Ali says that this advertisement is completely fake, and has nothing to do with AMU.  At the same time, the university is trying to find out who put this advertisement.

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