13 Aug 2020

Side Effects Emerging In Russian Covid Vaccine

Corona epidemic is spread all over the world.  Many countries are making vaccines to stop the pandemic.  But there were reports that Russia has made its vaccine.  

People relieved on hearing the news of arrival of this vaccine.  But now after research this vaccine made by Russia is not completely effective and it has side effects which is seen on many people.

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin had made the announced that Russia has made the Corona virus vaccine.  But now it is revealed by a report of Daily Mail that Russia had investigated this vaccine on only 38 people.  Information about the side effects of the vaccine is also given in this report.

 The side effects included body pain, high fever, weakness, lack of energy, loss of appetite, headaches, diarrhea, nasal congestion, sore throat were seen in people.  Due to the side effects of this vaccine, it is now surfacing that Russia has tested this medicine on fewer people. 

After this news surfaced  many types of questions have arisen on the validation of this vaccine of Russia.

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