13 Aug 2020

US President Changes H1B Visa's Policies

Reports have been coming in from US President Trump administration which had earlier band all type of H1b visa due to covid guidelines and Chinese policies.

Now in the latest reports Trump has administration has now exempted and has relaxed some rules for H1B Visa holders.

Now if any foreigner is returning to America on the same job as was proclaimed earlier before the restrictions will be allowed to enter the country and will be allowed to join on a same job.

The US administration has also confirmed that the dependents who have been travelling with the primary visa holder like the spouse and children will also be allowed to enter the country in the same rule.

Now the H1B visa holders who will be joining the same company with the same owner the same place and the same and station of the company will be allowed to travel US.

The US administration has also relax the rules for the people who are working in health departments and covid fighters to travel in the country easily.  

This travel restrictions will also be exempted on the people who are working for the IT industries which will help back the US economy to get back on track.  US government officials who are working day night for the country to bring back its more laurels which is lost due to covid.

This step has been taken to facilitate the US economy to return back to its normal course.  US President Donald Trump had previously on June 22nd made changes in the entry of United States of America.

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