22 Sept 2020

Continuous Rise In Yearly Crop Cultivation In Country But Lowers In NDA And UPA

Recent data have coming in from the agricultural sector where the country has seen a rapid increase in the NDA government.

But according to the data this increase is lower than the increase of six years of UPA government in the field of agriculture.

In UPA government where we have seen a rapid increase of around 124% to 53% in various crops such as wheat today Moong and Tuhar.  

The rapid increase in UPA government was much more then the increased we have seen in the NDA government.   This has been due to various factors which includes rainfall, climate and government policies.

However this data for the elaborate on the increase in the early rise pattern in NDA government in the agricultural crops cultivation.  The crop cultivation in 2004-2005 was much lesser thank in 2019-20.

There are many factors which are responsible for the increase in the rise in the early pattern cells the rise from 2004 to the Rise and 2020 has been more rapid then the 5 year rice which we have seen in the government datas.

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