19 Sept 2020

Covid Patient Thrashed Away By Hospital Staff: Patient Passed Away

Reports have been coming in from Gujarat where COVID19 patient passed away after being thrashed by Hospital staff.

As per reports the staff of Rajkot civil Hospital had allegedly thrashed a covid patient who had passed away when being rejected medical assistance by the staff.

According to the Hospital Supritendent " The patient had a bout of hysteria & attempted to remove the intravenous tube. He was trying to hurt himself & other patients. He was then restrained." 

There have been many instances like this which is being heard from across the country in this covid period.  Where the patients were either rejected treatment in the hospitals or were admitted and were put in a very unhealthy conditions.

We have seen some videos in the past also from Sion Mumbai hospital where the dead bodies of Covid patients who had passed away patients were put in the same ward where other covid patients were getting treatment.  

Even as the patient had a bout of hysteria he cannot be thrashed away by the hospital staff and was rejected medical assistance in which he had later passed away.

A probe has been ordered in this regard as to verify the reasons and circumstances why a covid patient was thrashed and rejected treatment in the government hospital.

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