16 Sept 2020

Example Of Humanity By Surat Based Builder

Today when covid has snatched away goodness and kindness from people around the world.  There are some who are helping one another and are proving to be a good example of of generous people.

One such example has been coming up from Gujarat.  This is a place where lot of factories and institutions have been running on and here a lot of migrant labourers live. 

This example is of Prakash Bhalani, a Surat based builder who has been helping people around himself in this hour of need.

As per reports coming in he has accommodated 42 families who are facing financial crisis due to COVID19.  The people he is helping have been unable to pay rent and mostly are migrant labours.

With the lock down and covid outspread in the country people especially migrant labours have lost their jobs and are struggling for their livelihood.  

They are the ones who are unable to pay rent. And Prakash Bhalani who is is a builder accommodates these people at his constructed buildings. 

When asked about the park charges or rent a person has to pay to live in his constructed buildings he said that we are charging Rs 1500 as maintenance fee. People can stay here as long as they want.

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