30 Sept 2020

Hathras Gang Rape Victim Cremated Without Family Consent

Reports have been coming in from Hathras Uttar Pradesh where Uttar Pradesh Police have forcefully did the last rites of the the gangraped girl who had passed away yesterday on their own yesterday night.

As per reports yesterday at around midnight Uttar Pradesh Police came to the house of the girl who had passed away and told the relatives of the girl to do the last rites on early basis as the body of the girl otherwise will decompose.

When the family of the victim was contacted the brother of the girl told that they did it on their own. We're scared. Police forced us to take the body to cremation ground. We'd said we'll do it in morning: Brother of Hathras gangrape victim when asked if family had given consent for funeral.

The brother of Hathras gang rape victim has said that we demand from state government that this matter be investigated and the culprits be hanged. 

We want security. Administration is putting us under a lot of pressure. We don't trust the local Police, there should be judicial investigation.

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