12 Sept 2020

Recovered Rate Of Covid-19 Is More Than Active Cases

Reports have been coming in from Ministry of Health and Family welfare where in a press release the Ministry of Health has informed media that recovery rate of covid-19 is far more than active cases in the country.

According to Ministry of Health and Family welfare the gap between recovered Cases and active Cases progressively growing more wider. 

More than 3/4 of total cases that is more than 36 lakhs cases have recovered and discharged so far. Active Cases are now reported less than 10.5 lakhs which is only a small proportion that is less than 1/4 of total cases.

As per reports from Ministry of Health and Family welfare Centre-led COVID19 management strategies have focused on early detection through widespread testing.

The widespread covid-19 management strategies which is bi led by Ministry of Health are easy and aggressive testing standardised quality and effective treatment in hospitals and supervised home,  facility isolation and reducing mortality.

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