4 Sept 2020

Severe Clash Between Police And Locals In Nepal

As per latest reports coming in from Nepal a severe clash has erupted.  

Reports which are coming in suggest that a clash has erupted between locals and police in Lalitpur dist in Kathmandu valley.

The reason behind the clash which has erupted was after the police had tried to stop locals from pulling chariot of Machindranath Jatra that was being done despite prohibitory orders. 

There were so many people who came on the road and police had to disperse them for that the Police used water cannons and tear gas to control situation. 

Since there have been and now spread of covid-19 in Nepal.  The Government of Nepal had started taking Covid protection by social distancing and various other factors.  

There have been restrictions on social gatherings and the people were gathered at one place to pull the chariot.  the administration asked the people to disperse but they were reluctant which resulted in the clash between the police and the mob.

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