28 Sept 2020

Unique Doll Exhibition In Tamil Nadu

Every kid and everyone is always been sometime or the other has been fascinated by dolls.  

A unique festival in Tamil Nadu is always apprehended by people in and around area.

The festival we are talking about is dolls exhibition in which many people take part and bring different types of dolls to the exhibition.  This doll exhibition is held every year in Tamilnadu and is one of the unique exhibition of the country.

This exhibition has been helping artisans from all sorts of state to help sell their dolls and it is one of the best medium to exhibit their work.

This 45-day 'Bommai Golu' dolls exhibition began in Coimbatore on Sept 19,ahead of Navaratri.  This year 15 artisans participated due to COVID-19. 

The exhibition is a medium for them to exhibit their work. Online sales is also forayed this year to help participants to sell their dolls to various parts of the country as in this covid season due to the norms of covid social distancing very less people are coming to see the exhibition.

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