31 Oct 2020

Defence Secretary Spoke Of Strengthen Ties With France

Reports have been coming in from Ministry of Foreign Affairs where Foreign secretary H V Shringla has reported to the media that during his visit to France, the France government emphasised on importance of France as a steadfast friend across so many domains. 

As per reports foreign minister had visited France on on the global mission of India to various countries to strengthen their economic and political ties with those country.  

The foreign Minister has stated that his visit to the country has strengthened India ties with France to fight against terrorism to global warming, from maritime security to sustainable development, norms-based international institutions to technological innovation.

Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla also emphasised that terrorism and the radicalism that gives rise to it are the most chilling form of censorship. The events of the past week in Paris and Nice have been horrific. And India is standing by France in this hour of need.

FS Shringla also added that we can't pretend that such actions come from simply lone-wolf initiatives and misguided individuals. But this type of actions are of coward people who always love killing and their main aim is to spread air of fear and hatred.  

It has backing of states and organised institutions. You know who they are. We cannot and should not postpone a coordinated and definitive response.

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