29 Oct 2020

Digvijay Singh Audio Leaked In Which He Asks Candidates To Withdraw Themselves From Elections

Latest reports coming in from Madhya Pradesh where a viral audio of Digvijay Singh has been leaked.

In this audio Digvijay Singh, a voice similar to Digvijay Singh is being heard asking candidates to withdraw from the election.

According to Roshan Mirza, SP candidate for Madhya Pradesh bye-polls on alleged viral audio of Digvijay Singh has said that he asked me to withdraw from the elections and told me to withdraw from upcoming bye-polls. He said I'll give you Councilor's ticket. I told him I won't withdraw and will contest.

BJP Leader Lokendra Mishra on Digvijaya Singh viral audio has said that Digvijay Singh has come out of his hole at last stage of elections. 

He doesn't believe in democracy but in management. He has said in past that elections are won by management. He himself might have made the audio viral.

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