3 Oct 2020

Foreign Secretary Spoke Of India's Stand On Total Disarmament In UNGA Submit

Reports have been coming in from the Foreign Ministry where the Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla has said India's stand to eliminate nuclear weapons.

The Foreign Secretary has said that India reiterates its longstanding and unwavering commitment to universal, verifiable and non-discriminatory nuclear disarmament leading to complete elimination of nuclear weapons.

This in turn wiill help in making the world arms free.  And the fear of the use of nuclear weapons will be greatly reduced.  Till now nothing concrete has been done in this direction.

As per reports the Foreign Secy was present at the UNGA meeting to commemorate and promote International Day for Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons 

The defence secretary has also reiterated India's stand at the accords high priority to Conference on Disarmament.

This high priority conference on Disarmament is the world’s single multilateral disarmament negotiating forum .

It also supports the commencement of negotiations on a Comprehensive Nuclear Weapons Convention at the CD according to Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla at UNGA meeting

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