22 Oct 2020

Is Hollywood Inclined Towards India And It's Varied Culture

Everyone likes Hollywood celebrities and their style. Whenever a Hollywood star comes to India, millions of people flock to see him. 

But if we tell you, some Hollywood stars dream of coming to India? Yes, there are many Hollywood stars who are very much influenced by the culture of India and here. 

Therefore, these stars also dream of coming here. Let's know about some such Hollywood stars. One such star is  Will smith.

Just a few days ago, famous Hollywood actor Will Smith came to India. After coming here, he went of Haridwar and followed some of the rituals. Will Smith also met India's famous Sadguru Vasudev and shared photos with him on social media. Will Smith is going to appear in a web series in which he will be seen fulfilling all his wishes related to India.

Another name that comes to mind is of Julia Robert who also is much attracted to India and its culture.  Hollywood actress and Oscar Award winner Julia Robert is able to connect herself much more with Indian culture. 

This is the reason that when she came to India in connection with the shooting of one of her films, she remained the same. Julia has also embraced Hinduism and she often goes to temples with her husband and children to do bhajan kirtan.

Another name in this series is of Salma Hayek.  She is considered the most beautiful actress in the world. Salma Hayek has made her fans wonder about Hollywood to audiences all over the world. 

You would be surprised to know that Salma Hayek is a great follower of Mata Lakshmi. Recently, she shared the picture of Maa Laxmi on her social media account and revealed the secret of her beauty.

Russell Brand is also one of the great follower of Indian culture.  This British actor Russell Brand was at first very much into drugs, later he adopted Indian traditions. Due to which his addiction to drugs reduced and he gave up drugs. Russell Brand also got married according in Hinduism rituals. Russell Brand is married to singer Katy Parry.

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