12 Oct 2020

Pakistan Under Shadow Of Witches

Neighboring country Pakistan which is known for giving shelter to most terrorists in the country, there is a shadow of witches at this time. Not only this, these Pakistani witches have made a ruckus not only in the country but around the world. 

If you are thinking that we are talking about ghosts and witches, then you are wrong. We are talking about the Pakistani web series Chudailas, which is in discussion these days is due to banned in our country.

Pakistani web series witches are being liked by the viewers all over the world, but this web series has been banned in Pakistan itself and the bold content of this series is banned.  
Actually, in this series of 10 episodes, four women open a detective agency. Through this agency, these women expose husbands who are cheating their wives.

The reality of the male dominated society has been brought out in this web series. Also, social evils like child abuse, sexual abuse, forced marriage, marital rape, homosexuality and suicide have been shown in the series. 

 In this, women are shown consuming alcohol and drugs and abusing and due to all these things, some social contractors pressurized the government to ban this Pakistani web series, after which this series was removed by the G5 for the Pakistani public. 

After the ban of this series, the decision of the government is being opposed along with the people of Pakistan as well as the artists of Pakistan.

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