25 Nov 2020

Divorce Between Michelle And Former President Barack Obama

Reports have been coming in from United States of America where news has been coming in of Obama taking divorce.

As per reports coming in Michelle is angry with Obama's decision and has decided to divorce him.

There are reports about former US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle may take divorce. The news of the separation of Obama and Michelle comes at a time when former President Trump wife Melania Trump is planning to divorce him soon after Trump's crushing defeat in the US presidential election. 

Obama Obama has clarified that there can be a divorce between him from Michelle during a press conference.
In fact, Obama's new book 'A Promised Land' has been released recently and while talking to the media on the same occasion, he said that if he takes over as cabinet minister, Mitchell will leave him. In his statement further, Obama said that after leaving the office of President four years ago, his wife Michelle has become much happier. She said that after getting rid of office work, she feels very relaxed.

Since the victory of Joe Biden in the presidential election in America, it has been speculated that former President Barack Obama can join Joe Biden's cabinet. 

But on all these things, Barack Obama has made his point clear and said that if he becomes part of the cabinet, then Michelle will leave him.


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