16 Nov 2020

Karnataka Government Opens Colleges For Both Online And Offline Classes

Reports having coming in from Karnataka where the state administration has decided to open educational institutions in the state on voluntary basis.

As per reports coming in from Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka for higher education all required measures have been taken and SOPs are given to colleges and private hostels. 

Dr CN Ashwathnarayan, Deputy CM & Karnataka Minister for Higher Education has said that students are now happy as we yielded to their request. They can attend classes on a voluntary basis either online or offline.

As per reports any student can now attend their college classes on voluntarily basis by giving a written consent to attend the classes on online basis.   

It will be now on the basis of student to decide whether they will be attending the classes online or offline.  

The classes in the state have been cancelled due to the outspread of covid-19 in March this year and now this decision has come up as a welcome disturb by the students in the colleges in Karnataka.

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