1 Dec 2020

Chirag Returns In Modi Cabinet

Since the Bihar assembly elections, the relationship between BJP and JDU has started to crack. This is the reason that in the Rajya Sabha elections, the BJP fielded its veteran leader instead of giving the LJP. 

But Chirag Paswan's hopes are still intact. He is looking forward to PM Modi's cabinet. LJP feels that PM will definitely play along.

LJP's difficulty has been increasing since the Bihar election results. In the state, the party has gone on the run after breaking ties with the NDA. 

In the same center too, there is no hope. Now who will replace Ram Vilas Paswan in PM Modi's cabinet. Speculations have been made about this. But LJP is looking forward. 

LJP Principal General Secretary Abdul Khalid says that LJP is like salt in NDA. The party will definitely get a place in PM Modi's cabinet later this morning.

After the departure of former Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan from the world, the party is restless due to BJP's nomination of Sushil Kumar Modi in the elections for the vacant seat of Rajya Sabha in Bihar. 

Abdul Khalid believes the BJP's relationship with his party remains the same. He said that BJP had promised us a Rajya Sabha seat before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. But now that Sushil Modi is in the fray, this issue is no more, yet given the relationship of the party with BJP, we hope that LJP will get representation in the Union Cabinet soon or late.

Abdul Khalid said that currently there is only one non-BJP minister in the NDA government at the center, Ramdas Athawale from the Republican Party of India. Referring to the meetng Home Ministerinister Amit Shah said that LJP is always relevant in the politics of Bihar. 

When BJP lost the 2004 Lok Sabha elections, former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee had mentioned the importance of LJP, we were part of UPA then. When we returned to the NDA before the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, we did a good job by staying together. 

Khalid further said that LJP won six out of seven seats in 2014 and six out of six seats in 2019. That is why we will definitely be given a position at the Center, now the LJP leaders are rejecting the claim. But it has to be seen whether the BJP will also worry Chirag in cabinet expansion like Rajya Sabha.

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