4 Dec 2020

Is Katrina Out From Salman Life

Entertainment Desk: As everyone knows Salman Khan was the one to launch Katrina Kaif in Bollywood. Salman Khan made Katrina work in the industry. Due to Salman, Katrina became the A-lister actress of Bollywood in such a short time. Everyone knows how much Salman was interested in Katrina, but Salman could not get along with Katrina. At the same time, after Katrina, there is someone else who has liked Salman Khan.

 Actually, we are talking about Katrina Kaif's sister Isabel Kaif. Yes, Salman has become very much impressed with the looks of Katrina, who looks like Katrina. Not only this, Salman is not tired of praising Isabelle now. Let me tell you, recently, Isabelle has made her debut in the industry with a Punjabi video. The name of this song by Isabelle is 'Mashallah'. In this song Isabelle looks exactly like Katrina.

 Salman Khan has also shared music video of Isabelle from his social media account. Sharing the video of Isabel, he wrote- 'Hey wow Isabelle, this song is very cute and you look very good. Many congratulations. Let us know that this song has been composed and performed by Deep Money.

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