16 Dec 2020

Justice To Nirbhaya Was Given But Fight Still On For Other Nirbhaya's

As per reports this is today when before 8 years in 2012 that country's daughter was killed mercilessly by 6 people who raped her and later killed her.

This was this day today when Nirbhaya was attacked and was killed.  However now that justice has been delivered to Nirbhaya. 

Today while speaking to ANI nirbhaya's mother Asha Devi has said that even justice has been delivered to her daughter but it doesn't mean that I will sit in silence. I'll continue to fight for justice to all rape victims. Everyone together needs to raise their voice against rape.

It has been 8 years today since the heinous crime against my daughter was committed. Our case was clear and still it took 8 years to get justice. The govt and courts needs to think about why it took so long, and make changes to the laws.

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