15 Dec 2020

Nitin Gadkari Union Minister Doesn't Hope Anna Hazare To Join Farmers Protest

Reports have been coming in from Union Minister Nitin Gadkari who has in and interaction to ANI has said that farmers should come and understand these laws. Our government is dedicated to farmers and is ready to accept the suggestions given by them. 

There will not be any injustice with farmers in our government: 
There are some elements who are trying to misguide farmers by misusing this protest. This is wrong. Farmers should try to understand the three laws.

 Union Minister Nitin Gadkari on farmers' protest has said that he don’t think Anna Hazare ji will join. We have not done anything against the farmers. It is the right of farmers to sell their produce in mandi, to traders or anywhere else.

If there is no dialogue, it can lead to miscommunication, to controversy & sparring. If there is a dialogue then issues will be resolved, the whole thing will end, farmers will get justice, they'll get relief. We're working in the interest of farmers.

Today, there's import of Rs 8 lakh crore crude oil in the country, Instead of this, we want to build Rs 2 lakh cr ethanol economy. At present, it's only Rs 20,000 cr. If it becomes Rs 2 lakh crore economy then Rs 1 lakh cr will go into pockets of farmers.

Our Government will convince the farmers, explain and find a way through dialogue.

In the coming time, aeroplanes will run on fuel made from ethanol and the money will go to farmers. This is our vision and dream.

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