31 Dec 2020

Restrictions Imposed In The National Capital New Delhi Under Disaster Management Authority

Reports have been coming in from the national capital of the country New Delhi where when national disaster management has imposed night Curfew in Delhi and it has given a circular that in that night curfew not more than 5 people are allowed at any public event or any public place.

As per reports coming in from the Delhi Disaster Management Authority imposes night curfew in Delhi.  In that night curfew not more than five persons to assemble at public place.  

In the circular it has mentioned that no new year celebration events, no gatherings at public places permitted from 11pm of 31st Dec to 6am of 1st Jan and 11pm of 1 Jan to 6am of 2nd Jan, 2021.

These restrictions have been imposed in the national capital in the wake of the new year celebrations which used to happen every year in the country and due to Covid the government have issued notification under the national disaster management to stop the spread of covid-19.

A new strain of United Kingdom virus have also entered the country and with the view to stop it spread all the public gatherings and functions have been restricted.

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