17 Dec 2020

Supreme Court Says It Will Not Interfere Between The Protesting Farmers

Latest papers of coming in from the highest authority of law, the Supreme Court of India which has asked Central Government to if possible stop the execution of Farm bill.

As per latest reports coming u  from the national capital of the country New Delhi where agitation of the farmers against the Farm laws is in progress.

The Supreme Court has asked the  Centre to explore the possibility of putting legislations on hold.

Supreme Court had asked the Attorney General if the government can assure the Court that it will not take any executive action on implementation of the law till the court hears the matter 

The SC futher stated that it will not interfere with the farmers protest against three farms laws. "We're of the view at this stage that the farmers’ protest should be allowed to continue without impediment and without any breach of peace either by the protesters or police.

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