28 Dec 2020

US President Donald Trump Signs Relief Bill

Reports have been coming in from the United States of America where United States President Donald Trump has signed COVID-19 relief bill. 

As per reports coming in US President Donald Trump in a statement regarding the bill has said that this bill will benefit United States unemployment status has covid-19 have left many people unemployed. 

Many companies in the United States of America has cut the staff two half and this has led to an increase in the unemployment of the country.  

According to US President Donald Trump he had signed this bill to restore unemployment benefits and add money for PPP.  This will return US airline workers back to work and will add substantially more money for vaccine distribution.  

Covid-19 have left whole of the Europe in a much deteriorating condition as many people have been left unemployed and many factories were forced to shut down due to shortage of funds and unavailability of the market which could churn their furnished goods. 

it is expected that this relief bill will provide employment to the unemployed youth and will bring the economy of United States back to track.  This bill is including many relief packages for the companies which are presently running in United States.

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