31 Jan 2021

Deepak chaurasia, is in india's top 200 Journalists on twitter


India’s Top 200 Journalists on Twitter

Deepak Chaurasia, Sushant Sinha and Rajat Sharma lead journalist engagement on Twitter


Jan 31, 2021: Twitteet, a social media analytics firm released the ranking report of India’s Top 200 journalists by Twitter engagement in December 2020, today.

This is the first time that a ranking of Indian journalists across media is being done to track the extent of engagement on Twitter. The report tracks engagement – the total likes, retweets and replies of every tweet , daily, weekly and monthly.  Twitteet also reports on the engagement ratio – which is the engagement over the total followers of each journalist.

Deepak Chaurasia of NewsNation TV tops with a phenomenal 21 lakh (2.1 million) engagements. Sushant Sinha is at #2 with 12 lakh engagements. Editor-in-chief of India TV Rajat Sharma with nearly 10 lakh engagement is at #3;  Independent journalist Sakshi Joshi is at #4 with 6.4 lakh engagements and Punya Prasun Bajpai at #5 with 62 lakh engagements.

Independent journalist and columnist Shefali Vaidya is ranked 6th with 5.93 lakh engagements; Rana Ayyub is 7th with 5.24 lakh engagements; Chennai based entertainment industry tracker, columnist & writer, Sreedhar Pillai is next at 4.4 lakh engagements; ABP News’s Rubika Liyaquat is 9th with 4.12 lakh engagements and Prashant Kanojia is 10th with 4.10 lakh engagements.

In India, Twitter has become the battleground for political discourse and journalists spend long hours often breaking stories on this platform. It is also the preferred platform for newshounds who track what the various news outlets and for breaking news and exclusives.  Twitteet tracks over 1000 Indian journalists daily, collating this data and running analytics to showcase the top 200 journalists basis their engagement with followers.  The methodology is transparent and is available on the website

Besides Journalists, Twitteet also tracks news organizations, politicians, sportspersons, celebrities and businessmen. Twitteet’s proprietary software and algorithms track twitter handles, analyse data and create easy to understand dashboards and actionable insights.

An important factor in driving engagement is the number of followers. However there are journalists who have  large number of followers but with relatively low engagement rates. To present this perspective, Twitteet has also ranked the journalists as per their engagement ratios  - their engagement as a percentage of their follower base.

The top 10 as per the Engagement Ratio are:

1. Prashant Kumar with an engagement ratio of 3.78; 2. Deepak Chaurasia – 2.88; 3. NDTV India’s Umashankar Singh 2.18; 4. Sushant Sinha – 1.95; 5. Swarajya Magazine’s Swati Goel Sharma 1.83; 6. NDTV India’s Akhilesh Sharma 1.79; 7. Arvind Gunasekar 1.52; 8. Aditya Menon 1.50; 9. TV9 Bharatvarsh’s Samir Abbas – 1.49; 10 Prashant Kanojia & Sakshi Joshi 1.48 each.

Said Twitteet co-founder Sandeep Amar: “The idea of Top 200 journalists came from many journalists, who asked us to release a data driven ranking mechanism on twitter.We track over 1000 journalists on daily basis. We have been reporting the top 10 engaging individuals in multiple categories.We have collated data for December 2020, and run multiple analytics for the journalist community and entire ecosystem related to media and journalists to showcase this Top 200 Journalists report, we hope you enjoy it.

For details pleasesee the report:

About Twitteet

Twitteet is a analytics platform representing ratings, rankings and curated feeds based on Twitter engagement of journalists, news organizations, politicians, sportspersons, celebrities and businessmen. Twitteet provides daily rankings of journalists, news organisations, celebrities, politicians and business leaders basis engagement. Twitteet’s proprietary software and algorithms track twitter handles, analyse data and create easy to understand dashboards and actionable insights.


Journalists, celebrities and others can track their rankings and learn how to improve their engagement, comparing their own daily activity. News handles can learn from daily rankings and experiment (cause and effect) to improve total engagement and in turn rankings. Twitteet also offers training programs helping individuals and organisations increase engagement on Twitter.


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