18 Jan 2021

Government Of India States Landmark Achievement In Covid-19 Recovery

Latest reports coming in from Covid-19 Cases in the country.  As per reports coming in from Ministry of Health and Family Welfare which has shared latest COVID cases data.

As per reports a total number of 13,788 new COVID19 cases have been reported in the country.  With 14,457 discharges which are way above the new cases India now stands at a fighting position with respect to covid-19.

A total number of 145 deaths in last 24 hours as per Union Health Ministry and Family Welfare.

With these cases, the total number of cases now stands at 1,05,71,773.  With total active cases now at 2,08,012.  Total discharges since the onset of the disease now stands at 1,02,11,342.  And total death toll till now stands at 1,52,419.

As per latest reports by the Government of India in a landmark achievement, India’s total recovered cases have leapt over the active caseload by more than one crore today. 

The total number of recoveries has touched 1,02,11,342 with recovery rate of the country touching 96.59% as per latest data of Government of India.

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