28 Jan 2021

Now you can get LPG cylinders for free.

 Oil companies are continuously increasing the prices of LPG cylinders. Due to increase in the prices of domestic LPG, there is a lot of fluctuation in the budget of ordinary citizens. But now you also have a chance to buy LPG cylinders for free. Yes, by the end of the month of January you can also get LPG cylinder for free. Under this offer, the entire money will be returned after you book the cylinder. 

Actually, this offer is being given to you by mobile wallet platform paytm. Under this special offer, the amount of money your gas cylinder will cost will be sent back to you. To avail this offer, you only have to book your LPG cylinder with paytm once. 

All gas companies will get offers

This offer of Paytm will be available on gas connections of all companies. The benefit of this offer will be given only to those people who are booking gas cylinders for the first time from Paytm. If you do not even have a Paytm app then download this app from Google Play Store today and take advantage of the best offers.

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